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Brand Preference Index: Gathering Insights for Understanding Consumer Choices

In today's dynamic and competitive marketplace, understanding consumer preferences is paramount for businesses striving to create impactful strategies and maintain a competitive edge. Brands are constantly vying for consumers' attention, loyalty, and trust, making it crucial to discern the factors that drive individuals to choose one brand over another. To unravel the intricate web of consumer preferences, we are proud to present the Brand Preference Index Survey—a comprehensive exploration into the minds of consumers to unearth the why behind their brand choices. This report is based on 2 surveys conducted over the last 6 months(Dec 2022 - June 2023) with 2500+ responses received from Pan India.

The consumer preference index covers multiple sectors like skincare and makeup, automobile, fashion, electronics (mobile phones, laptops, speakers, television), and food chains.

New trend of chemical free skincare products is continuously increasing with product customization being the key factor of choice

Himalaya is the most preferred choice for skincare products in India, followed by Mamaearth. It implies that chemical free products, with some innovation are attracting the Indians. Also, these brands have a wide range of products available in different categories and appeal to the customers emotionally by establishing themselves as socially conscious brands.
Hence, the future lies in innovation, which must be built after understanding the consumer preferences.

Automobile preference is driven by focus on safety and brand value

Quick Service Restaurants are becoming popular in India: Haldiram’s makes it to the first spot
Haldiram’s 19.55%
KFC 18.02%
McDonald’s 17.39%
Pizza Hut 9.43%
Burger King 7.52%

Nothing shocking to see that Haldiram’s, KFC, and McD are competing so closely to get to the first spot. These choices also vary from place to place. This success of Haldiram’s can be attributed to the vast menu that it serves, including Indian fast food too while other players like KFC, McD miss on that. Understanding the consumer preference and adding a local touch makes a brand more acceptable.

Fashion and clothing choice is a highly talked about topic, so let’s see which brands are the most preferred ones:

Electronics: The Brands That Dominate the Market
Overall analysis shows that Samsung made its place in 3 categories, making it the top preferred electronic brand in India. It is followed by Sony which made its place in 2 categories. Thus, multifacet presence is a factor that is pushing up the image of brands in the electronics industry


In light of the insights provided, it is evident that businesses that prioritize a consumer-centric approach are better positioned to build lasting relationships with their customers, foster brand loyalty, and drive innovation. The report serves as a roadmap for enterprises to navigate the intricate landscape of consumer preferences, guiding them toward strategies that resonate and engage with their target audience effectively. As markets continue to evolve, this report stands as a valuable resource to empower organizations to make informed decisions that drive growth and prosperity in the dynamic world of consumer preference

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